In this section detail ducuments can be found that will help you to equip the cockpit of your model.




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Help & FAQ

In this page you will find the list of most frequent questions and replies. If you would possibly not find a required reply to your question, please, send us your e-mail query to the e-mail address:

I have lost/forgotten my password to my account. How could I acquire a new one?
If you have lost or forgotten your password to log in our e-shop, click to the reference "Forgotten password" in the e-shop logging page.
For the generation of a new password you would need to know the e-mail address from which you have logged to our e-shop.

What is the postage to my country?
For the information on postage and delivery terms and conditions, please, visit the page describing the delivery and payment terms and conditions.

Can I order a different size of an instrument panel than offered in your e-shop?
Yes, for the production of a different size of an instrument panel we just only need to know the panel´s height and width. Control elements, instruments and their layout will then be adapted to the panel´s size. However, ideal is when you send us exact shape of your desired panel to fit inside your model (your drawing to be in the ".pdf", ".jpeg" formats or drawn in Corel), also specifying the desired dimensions in mm.

I am interested in an instrument panel which is not offered in your e-shop.
Do not despair. We can make an instrument panel, or even a whole cockpit outfit, to order. Please, send your inquiry to our e-mail address: Our price calculation and other information to the job-order production you will receive from us within 48 hours. If you have any photos or other documents to your order, please, send them attached to your e-mail so that we could as best approach your idea.
For the job-order production we use the following technology:
- CNC milling;
- CNC laser cutting and engraving;
- 3D printing;
- Screen printing;
- Polyurethane resin moulding;
- Photo-etched parts.

Can I become an Aerocockpit product dealer?
Yes, you can. If you are a model shop or an e-shop owner and are interested in the sales of our products, please, send us an e-mail to the address: We will send you our business terms and conditions for dealers. Also we would like to draw your attention to the option of special sales when you present our products to model builders and, having received a binding purchase order from them, we send the required products directly to customers and you will receive a commission from us. We will be glad to provide you with further information upon request.



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